March 13, 2020

Answered: Is my Birthright trip canceled because of COVID-19 coronavirus?

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🚨 All Birthright Israel trips are canceled or postponed 🚨

For the most accurate and up-to-date news, please refer to official government sites (in the US:, in Israel: and frequently updated media. BirthrightGuru information is limited to providing information on the impact to Birthright Israel trips related to the coronavirus. Visit the Birthright Israel FAQ section read their updated information directly. We will continue to monitor those sources as well.

COVID-19 Impact on Birthright Trips

Birthright Cancelation

  • All trips are canceled or postponed
  • Everyone accepted on a trip is on a “priority” list for future trips
  • Interested participants should apply now to get a head start on the process (and future trips will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis starting now)

Rescheduling and Refund Options for Canceled Birthright Trips

  • Everyone on a canceled trip has the option to reschedule their trip or receive a refund
  • Rescheduled trips can be later in the summer or trips next winter or summer
  • In addition, if Israel quarantines any group, then the organizers will cancel trips that follow

Birthright Cancelation Options for Upcoming Trips

  • Birthright Israel and all trip organizers have announced expanded flexibility for individuals who choose not to travel
  • The standard cancelation policy is 65 days prior to your scheduled departure
  • Therefore, the updated policy is 35 days prior to scheduled departure to receive a full refund of your deposit
  • Importantly, all cancelations must be in writing to the trip organizer

Any other changes, including not feeling safe traveling, will require you to forfeit your deposit. For example, if you don’t feel safe traveling, be sure to cancel during the 35 days.

Remember, “Birthright Israel” is the organization overseeing all Birthright trips. Importantly, Trip Organizers are responsible for the logistics of each trip. Make sure to communicate directly with your trip organizer for logistics. Here is a complete list with links to contact information.

Domestic Travel for Canceled Birthright Trips

Birthright Israel and trip organizers do not book or manage domestic trips. Therefore, you are responsible for rescheduling or canceling and asking for a refund. Fortunately, many of the US airlines have instituted special COVID-19 policies to allow for more flexible rescheduling and cancelation

Israel COVID-19 Situation

After initially reopening many parts of the country (though with still very significant restrictions on non-Israeli citizens coming into Israel), Israel is now seeing a second surge of cases and closed malls, shops, pools, zoo, and museums. A second full lockdown was imposed later in July (source: Reuters).

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